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Are your products vegan?

All our products are organic, vegan and animal ingredients free.

What are your payment and delivery terms? 

We only accept credit card payments via the online shop. For more information please refer to "Warranty And Return Policies".

How can I contact you for more questions?

Feel free to send us a message via "Contact" page. We value your opinion and more than happy to help as promptly as we possibly can.

Are your products suitable for allergy sufferers?

If in doubt always seek medical advice prior to use. Always patch test prior to using. Every individual is different and unique.

Do your products carry out any animal testing?

Our products are cruelty free and definitely not tested on animals.

Do your products contain microplastics?

Our policy is 'Don't mess' with nature. All our ingredients are natural, organic, vegan, and free of any man made ingredients such as stabilizers, emulsifiers, fragrances, micro-plastics chemicals and binding agents.

Where are Mouche Mouche Natural Cosmetics  products developed and produced?

All our products are designed and developed in New Zealand from internationally sourced, organic and sustainably produced ingredients, with every batch tested twice for microbiological activity prior to release for sale.

Can I get samples of your products?

We are a boutique skin care company with an emphasis on ecommerce only distribution and no retail affiliations. Perhaps check our "Warranty And Return Policies" if in doubt.

Where and should I get any advice?

We try to provide as much information as we can about each of our products. More info on "How To Use" page. Still we encourage to always take medical advice if in doubt and patch test prior to using.