New Zealand 'Zeolite Clinoptilolite' is a negatively charged, water-insoluble mineral, to be mixed with either water or Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to form an exfoliating paste. The microparticle size of approximately 70 microns ensures that the silicone content will gently abrade the skin while the negatively charged properties draw out toxins, pollutants, and contaminants.

Distributors required in USA, Canada and Korea. Please send us your request via the contact form. Thank you.

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In Development
Potential future products, ideas and current field trials. 

All natural 'Mosquito Repellent'. We are currently developing a new organic, vegan and chemical-free bug repellent.
We have a few people around the country already testing the prototype version of the product. Some of the feedback can be seen below.

Watch this space and thank you for your interest.

Mosquito repellent trials.jpg

@mouchemouchenaturalcosmetics thank you for the free sample of your mosquito repellent NZ made vegan friendly chemical free natural product smells amazing like a combination of pine eucalyptus maybe? I have allergies air borne and sensitive to some perfumes, fabric softeners, wash powders etc  on my skin so I did a tiny skin test first and waited four hours. 
Yay no itchy red blotches or sneezing etc 

I rolled it on my arms neck lower legs etc and went outside in a t shirt and shorts at about 11 pm sat on the deck listened to a pod cast on my phone with the porch light on.
I saw some bugs gathering around the light when I went and looked  but none bugged lol  me at all.

No midges mosquitoes sand flies.
Sat there for about 45 minutes and I could still smell the lovely piney eucalyptus scent from the product.

Today I went to the local beach at about 5 45 am and applied the product again and no midges sand-flies or bitey things that like to get you at the beach either even when I just sat on the sand for a bit.
I'm very keen to see what it's like in full summer when we are bbq-ing outside later in the evenings.
I'm not sure if the product will remain in a roller ball vial or be produced as a spray on etc but I like the roller ball for no wastage of the product like there can be with aerosols (which depending on their propellant which can be bad for our environment).

It's easy to apply not greasy very absorbent but doesn't seem to evaporate and lose its efficacy and it's not sticky or leave a residue.
The scent isn't over powering or triggering any skin or hay-fever like allergy reaction.

I liked the sample a lot so I'm keen to see when it comes on the market #supporting New Zealand businesses 🙂