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Sleeping in a room with lit mosquito coil overnight could kill you – Expert.

Health News of Friday, 31 May 2019. Source:

The fumes from the mosquito coil contain toxins which could be harmful

Sleeping in a room with lit mosquito coil overnight is harmful and can cause health problems including acute or chronic respiratory, diseases. The fumes from the mosquito coil contain toxins and when inhaled continuously, it is picked up by the blood and transmitted to vital organs like hearts and lungs impede the smooth functioning of the organs. Speaking at an outreach programme, to herald the World Environment Day (WED) celebrated on June 6, every year, Mr Emmanuel Appoh, the Head of the Environmental Quality Department at the Environmental Protection Agency said constant inhaling of fumes from mosquito coil could kill. The theme for this year’s WED is: “Air Pollution”. He explained that the gases expelled out of the flame had carbon monoxide and in an enclosed place, could displace oxygen of human tissues and cause death. He called for the public to ensure that daily activities follow guidelines and protect the environment. Mr Appoh advised the public to open the doors and windows when they light mosquito coil or spray mosquito insecticide to allow the fumes of the poison to exit before retiring to bed. Touching on death caused by air pollution in Accra in the year 2015, he said 2000 people in Accra lost their lives while 20,000 died nationwide in 2017. He noted that street hawkers were at high risk of contracting respiratory, cardiovascular diseases due to their constant inhaling of poisonous fumes. “This category of people experience eye irritation, acute and chronic cough. Fumes from vehicles contain uncompleted burning of fuel and when inhaled, could affect our heart and lungs,” he said. On measure to reduce air pollution, he advised vehicle owners to undertake regular servicing and buy fuel from certified pumps to keep exhaust emission low. Mr Appoh urged heavy, medium and light Industrial operators to employ modern equipment in their line of production to reduce air pollution. In an effort to reduce emission to protect the health of people, he said the government with standard guidelines for motor vehicles, which would compare the levels of emissions. The standard soon to be outdoored, he disclosed, would be used to advise drivers about the conditions of their vehicles and prescribed measures to reduce emissions. Mr Appoh said the standard would cover all means of transport with the exception of tractor, and light rails. Click here to read the full article (source).


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