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Here at MOUCHE MOUCHE Natural Cosmetics, we choose to be original, pure and honest. We as a company encourage awareness and try to make a difference by embracing nature over artificial ingredients in a current oversupply of the various cosmetic products. Embracing nature over artificial ingredients and simplicity over complex chemical formulas is how we want to build our business.Why can't we just do what nature does? Stay pure, stay clean and organic. Plants are the answer. We set on a mission of finding the finest and purest ingredients to create the best products. The products we want to use ourselves and our loved ones for years to come. We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods that adhere to the highest standards and deliver great results. Many cosmetics are very misleading, misrepresenting what they really are, or are downright toxic and dangerous. Our view is you need to take responsibility to check what you are putting into your body, and what you are putting on it.

The very least you can do is check the ingredients list, ignore the somewhat outrageous claims and assure yourself that you are, in fact, getting what you think you're getting. 'Some companies' make claims they are natural when their products have undergone heat processing, or have added chemical ingredients, usually as a cost saving measure.

'Perfume' containing alcohol is a classic example - don't take our word - check out the results of tests on spray perfumes. It's both illuminating as well as disturbing. We have a basic rule - if any product has more than four ingredients, and if some or all of those ingredients are man-made in a laboratory, then steer clear.

Exfoliates are another example. Some make claims they exfoliate as well as moisturizing. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, dirt, grime blackheads etc. It's a bit like a vacuum cleaner - how it can suck stuff out while simultaneously moisturizing is beyond us. The process is simple - take out the grime etc, then moisturize with a penetrative oil that will replace the lost oils that exfoliating removes. Not all oils are equal - they have different qualities and differing purposes. Coconut oil is a great epidermal moisturizer, but pretty useless for the sub-cutaneous layer, and doesn't sit on the surface epidermal layer.

Moringa oil gets down to the third skin layer but doesn't sit on the epidermal layer. So pick the one for the purpose you need. One size doesn't fit all, be aware of what does what and choose accordingly.

In haircare, some ingredients nurture the hair follicles while other ingredients treat the scalp. Coconut oil has amazing restorative properties for hair follicles, but not so much for treating dry scalp, dandruff etc. So, again, know what you are trying to achieve and very definitely make sure you get something that you understand the purpose of. Most treatments that work best need more effort on your part - they tend not to be squeeze and use products. Fractionated coconut oil, as an example, doesn't go hard in cold temperatures simply because all the very best ingredients have been heat-treated out of the oil so you basically get a product that's easy to use but doesn't actually achieve what you wanted in the first place!

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